Businesses Turn the Corner in Recovery from Covid-19

I am delighted and relieved that nearly every aspect of our economy in Maidstone and The Weald is now open for business following a very testing few months. This is very welcome news for jobs and prosperity in our communities.

House Building in The Weald

Since I became the MP for Maidstone and The Weald in 2010, I have been visibly and publicly opposed to the number of houses which central Government have imposed on our part of Kent.

Maidstone Local Plan Review Update

Aside from the all-encompassing omnipresence of Brexit and Covid-19 these last few months, the single biggest issue raised with me by the people of Maidstone and The Weald concerns the building of new houses across our gorgeous, green garden of England.  The controversially high number finally ar

Domestic Abuse Bill

Before I was elected Member of Parliament for Maidstone & The Weald in 2010 I was a family lawyer for 23 years, focusing on tackling the challenges of family breakdown, and particularly the scourge of Domestic Violence.  There has been a great deal of good work done in this area over the year

Reopening NHS Services

Being prevented from visiting those we love in hospital has been one of the cruellest aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic.   It was a completely understandable measure, to help contain the virus, but so hard for families and patients, be they Covid or Non-Covid. 

Therapeutic Drug Trials

A successful cure for Coronavirus, be it a vaccine or some other mechanism, is the grail we all seek for our long-term health and safety.   Whilst that mission is carried out around the world the NHS is looking at how to diminish the worst effects of the disease, giving us a better chance of reco

Reopening Kent's Toursim Industry

Kent’s beautiful countryside, historic towns, coastal resorts and world leading vineyards combined with its historic status as the Garden of England mean that tourism is at the heart of the county’s economy.