Celebrating 100 Years of Loose Bowls Club

Once the tea lawn of the Swan public house in Loose, Maidstone, the home of Loose Bowls Club was filled with members and guests celebrating its centenary year as the season opened this week.

Maidstone's Air Quality

Driving across the junction of Stone Street and Knightrider Street in Maidstone recently I was enveloped by a cloud of black smoke.  I had to close my windows and hold my breath for a few seconds until the car in front stopped spewing out acrid exhaust fumes that would put a 1950’s bus to shame.

A Fairer Economy

Brexit is a vitally important, historic moment for our nation and it is therefore understandable that so much time continues to be devoted to it. However, our relationship with the European Union is not what inspired me to become an MP.

Commonwealth Family of Nations

Our Commonwealth family of nations has a long and proud history – this year marks the 70th anniversary of its formation.

Keeping Our Community Safe

There is no Mum or Dad in the world who would not have been deeply affected by the terrible murders of young people on the UK’s streets in recent months.

Operation Stack

It’s been four years since I was stuck in it, and my mum too, near where she lives off Junction 8.  The ‘Summer of Stack’ in 2015 lives painfully large in many local memories and its spectre generated collective groans of concern from the good people of Maidstone and the Weald as Operation Stack

Meaningful Vote 2

Over breakfast on Monday, I heard, for the umpteenth time, the commentators on the television emphasising the importance of the week ahead. For once, this wasn’t media hyperbole. Undoubtedly, this has been another mammoth political week with far reaching consequences.

Brexit Delay Vote

‘Tonight, in the House of Commons, I voted against an extension to Article 50 and against a second referendum.

Leaving the European Union

I have always been clear, as my voting record attests to, that I believe we must honour the result of the 2016 referendum by leaving the European Union.