KM Column: International Women's Day

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the first woman taking her seat in the UK Parliament.  There is much for women to celebrate since Nancy Astor’s momentous accomplishment, and what better occasion than International Women’s Day on Friday 8th March this week.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

The Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network, which I am proud to Chair, is an employer led, action-focussed group whose members share my belief that someone's future should not be determined by their past.

British Film Industry

A couple of weeks ago on these pages I mentioned a much loved movie – Groundhog Day.  Indeed, I recall referring to films fairly frequently in this column and that is because they are one my favourite pastimes.  I spend all day reading stuff for my work so to sit back and be entertained when I’m

Brexit Public Meeting

Helen Grant will be addressing a public meeting this coming Friday, 1st March, to provide interested people with a full explanation of the current position surrounding Brexit and set out the options.  There will also be the opportunity for questions from anyone present.

Stay Safe Staplehurst

Emergency services, safety and security businesses and volunteer organisations coalesced to provide a one-stop special event in Staplehurst Village, for the benefit of local community safety.

International Women's Day

Last year marked 100 years since certain women were granted the right to vote in our country.

Maidstone Bus Committee

I’ll never forget the anxiety I felt as a little girl, waiting for a school bus that never arrived, or even more soul destroying, watching it fly past me without stopping.  It didn’t matter how prepared I was for my day, if I was late for school I knew it would annoy my teachers, disrupt the rest