Our NHS is so cherished across the nation because, perhaps without exception, we all have such intimate personal experiences, often in times of great emotion and pain; getting us through emergencies, caring for an elderly relative, managing the multitude of modern cancer threats, or helping bring

MP Pledges Support for Rough Sleeper Initiative

Helen Grant, MP for Maidstone & the Weald, pledged to throw her weight behind plans to secure more funding to address homelessness in Maidstone on a visit to the town’s ground-breaking Rough Sleeper Initiative last week.  

Tackling Crime

Our new Government has hit the ground running. As well as preparing for Brexit and investing in our frontline NHS there is also a very welcome renewed focus on tackling crime in these early weeks of Boris Johnson’s premiership.


A group of 15 young people from Maidstone have been running a social action campaign as part of their National Citizens Service summer project.  The goal was to raise awareness of mental health issues and the services available for younger people in the Maidstone area.

Climate Change

On this page last week, I mentioned the recent warm weather in the UK, with a passively positive reference to the onset of our national summer holidays.

Kentish Tourism

Last week’s record-breaking warm weather heralded the start of the school summer holidays and with it, the zenith of Kent’s tourism season.

Our New Government

After two long and intense months of leadership campaigning we have a new Prime Minister.  I know Boris Johnson to be a warm, engaging and charismatic man who is always fizzing with ideas and enthusiasm.  As Mayor of London, over two terms, he demonstrated a special ability to lead, unite and ins

Career Options

One of the most  enjoyable aspects  of my job is that I have the pleasure of visiting so many of our wonderful schools across Maidstone and the Weald.