Reporting Back on Yalding Flood Meeting

Helen Grant MP said,

‘I am very grateful to the Yalding residents and representatives from the Parish Council who took the time to meet with me last week to discuss flood protections for Yalding and the surrounding area. The resilience and determination of the Yalding community continues to inspire me. 

As a result of our meeting I will be writing to my colleague Rebecca Pow MP, the floods minister, to request a meeting to discuss flood defences in Yalding and in particular the use of the Leigh Flood Storage Area to protect communities downstream from Tonbridge; including Yalding. I will also be continuing to press UK Power Networks to improve flood resilience at the key electricity substation sites in the village. Furthermore, I plan to make contact with Kent County Council to consider what action can be taken to reduce flooding on our rural roads. 

I will continue to work closely with residents of Yalding and the surrounding areas in the weeks and months ahead to ensure they get the additional flood protections they need.’