Leaving the European Union

I have always been clear, as my voting record attests to, that I believe we must honour the result of the 2016 referendum by leaving the European Union.

Last night, in the House of Commons, I voted to keep No Deal on the table. I did so because I believe, from my decades of negotiating experience in business, politics and the law, that to remove ‘No Deal’ would weaken our negotiating position immeasurably.

I also voted for the so-called Malthouse Compromise because I welcome efforts by colleagues to come up with well-considered solutions to break the Brexit logjam and believe this approach would allow the UK to leave the EU and provide businesses with the certainty they desire.

I, like so many people across Maidstone and the Weald, am becoming increasingly exasperated with the current Brexit impasse. I hope that in the coming days my colleagues in Parliament can come together and find an agreement which secures our timely departure from the EU.