The Kurdish Crisis

Whilst the Brexit impasse continues to frustrate and divide in equal measure within these shores, the world around us is smarting for other reasons as international tensions continue to elevate on a daily basis.

In the Middle East we are witnessing tangible danger unleashed by the actions of an ‘America First’ President. Trump’s seemingly unilateral decision to withdraw US troops from Northern Syria has sparked even greater instability in this most precarious of regions. In one fell swoop the President has abandoned the Syrian Kurds, (the West’s critical allies in the defeat of DAESH) and created a power vacuum now occupied by Russian troops on Syrian soil; this in turn has emboldened the vicious Assad regime, and has effectively provided a sabre rattling victory to its Russian and Iranian backers.

The Turks are using the withdrawal of US troops as an opportunity to drive out the stateless Kurdish people from Northern Syria under a military offensive. Allegations that burning white phosphorous is being used against civilians in this action imports further horror for many innocent people.  To add yet more poison to this toxic situation, hordes of imprisoned DAESH terrorists are now escaping their Kurdish captors, regrouping to attack Western people and our interests once again. 

This cauldron of fire is rightly receiving urgent attention from the international community and the United Kingdom will play its part, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it is in our own national interest. A safer World makes for a safer United Kingdom and consequently a safer Maidstone and The Weald.  For me it puts the appalling Party-Political and ideological naval gazing that has become Brexit into sharp relief.  We have to get Brexit done and focus on fixing the issues that present real danger for our people and our way of life.