KM Column: Marcus Grant Calms the Storm

Ever since we returned from the Christmas break there seems to have been little respite in the world of politics.  Almost every week there has been drama, crisis and intrigue; ‘House of Cards’ seems tame by comparison, and the outrageously satirical ‘The Thick of It’ struggles to match its mirth with the reality of Brexit and all the fallout of the 2016 referendum.

Last week was no exception, with the local elections giving people a chance to show their extreme irritation at the lack of progress in Westminster.  I felt very sorry for all of those candidates and their teams who fought good local campaigns only to be overwhelmed by the great national issue of the moment and underwhelmed by voter turnout.

Doubtless this week will produce more turbulence surrounding the struggle to find a solution and the loathsome certainty of our participation in the European elections on 23rd May.  It’s quite a torrid picture but amidst this manic maelstrom I was blessed with one of those moments in the great scheme of things that can press the pause button and allow a re-set to take place.  

In the middle of election day on Thursday, between visiting polling stations in Sissinghurst and Frittenden, I received a WhatsApp video from my eldest son.  It was love at first sight as I was introduced to Marcus Benjamin David Grant, born at 2pm and weighing a healthy 6lb 13oz.  

27 and 24 years previously I have twice experienced the astonishing awe of giving birth with the arrival of my beloved sons.  That feeling was replicated last week by my second grandson, reminding me of the precious gift of life and the priceless value of family.

In his first TV interview as a father this week, Prince Harry was a similar picture of joy and I wish the Sussex’s well.  For me, it’s back to the grindstone.