KM Column: Beyond Brexit

The failure of Parliament to coalesce on a Brexit theme has moved the British public to reaffirm their division about the EU.  The lion’s share of last week’s Euro votes were shared between parties with a clear message of either leave or remain.  Labour’s fence sitting and my own Party’s lack of collective discipline over a unified direction has been punished, resulting in the search for a new Prime Minister and quite possibly a new Labour leader too.

Whilst the Westminster maelstrom continues unabated, I refuse to be distracted from my Constituency work.  The needs and challenges of the people of Maidstone & The Weald remain at the forefront of my activities and my campaigns continue to receive the effort they deserve.

Poor rural mobile phone coverage continues to concern me and I am in constant contact with Ministers to ‘up’ their priorities in our area.  We have seen some improvements, in areas like Cranbrook, but there’s more to do.  To that end I am planning to meet with Frittenden residents in the coming weeks to discuss ideas for improving mobile coverage in their village.

Likewise, broadband speeds are particularly unsatisfactory in some of our low Wealden villages such as Nettlestead and Yalding and again I am liaising with residents, local businesses, KCC and BT Openreach to deliver urgent improvements.

On housing I am pleased to be supporting Marden residents in opposing the proposed gargantuan development of 2000 new properties; on education I am working with KCC to make sure our schools get their fair share of funding; and on transport I am undertaking a widespread public survey to help push the many related agendas along in the right direction.

Brexit maybe dragging the heels of Parliament but life must go on in Maidstone and the Weald and I am here for my Constituents.  If you think I can help you, please get in touch.