Covid 19 and M&TW NHS Trust

My regular catch-up sessions with NHS Trust CEO Miles Scott are always important and I would like to share details of this week’s communication with Downs Mail readers.

Firstly, everyone who works across the Trust are hugely grateful for the support and generosity of local people and businesses.  What you are doing is making a huge difference to their lives, under the most extreme conditions.

Our hospital services have coped very well so far with C19, partly due to compliance with social distancing, but also due to the preparation and hard work of the NHS staff at Maidstone and Pembury hospitals.  Their remarkable fortitude and care was demonstrated very powerfully on a Channel 4 documentary last week -

Thankfully, our local hospitals currently have enough PPE to protect their staff and have even provided stock to other nearby Trusts who were in need last week.  The key issue for Miles is maintaining the pipeline of supplies, as they are using unprecedented quantities.  Of immediate concern is shortages of PPE for our GPs and carers. We must ensure staff are never conflicted between patient care and their own wellbeing and I will be holding the government to account on this.

Vitally, the Trust is keen to convey to residents in Maidstone and The Weald that they are still ‘open for business.’ If you have an unusual lump or you are experiencing chest pains for example, you should not be put off seeking medical attention for fear of catching Coronavirus. All medical assessment facilities have designated ‘red’ and ‘green’ areas, to separate patients who may have Covid-19 from those who don’t, and to minimise the risk of infection.  (Note: If you think you need to see a doctor it is best to contact 111 in the first instance).  If I can be of help to you, please get in touch at or phone 02 7219 7107.  Best wishes and stay safe.