Conversion Therapy for Transgender People

I firmly believe that conversion therapy has no place in a civilised society. Being lesbian, gay or bisexual is not an illness to be treated or cured.

The issue of conversion therapy relating to transgender people is an extremely complex and sensitive policy area. I have been assured that the Government is carrying out separate work on the issue of transgender conversion therapy, this is to ensure that any legislative measures brought forward will not have any unintended consequences. This is a legally challenging area, and the Government have a responsibility to ensure that these unintended consequences are not written into legislation, particularly in the case of under eighteens. As such, ministers will be carrying out separate work to consider the issue of transgender conversion therapy further.

I understand that Lord Herbert, the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy on LGBT Rights, has also called for a royal commission to look at this important issue in greater detail – with the aim of taking the toxicity out of this debate, something I hope we can all support. I will be keeping a close eye on this in the coming weeks.