Advice Surgeries during the Covid Pandemic

The advent of Covid-19 has led to the temporary cessation of regular face to face advice surgeries at my offices.  Instead I am using video conferencing and phone calls for this purpose, to keep people safe, control the virus and protect our NHS from being overwhelmed.

If you would like to meet me on video or talk on the phone then please firstly send your personal details including your full postal address along with a short summary of the matter you wish to discuss to me via any of the contact methods listed here (email or postal).

Please note that, due to Parliamentary protocol, I am only able to arrange surgery appointments for people who live within the Maidstone and The Weald Parliamentary Constituency. Check 'My Map' on the homepage to see if you live within the boundaries, or use the 'Am I your MP?' tool and use your postcode to find out.

Experience has shown that most issues can be actioned more quickly by e-mail, letter or telephone, so please do feel free to seek preliminary advice from my team as to how your case may be best resolved.

Surgeries are confidential. Video and phone surgeries are also attended by a trained Caseworker from my personal staff who then deals with the follow-up work under my supervision.